310522 – ‘Showing is telling’ propedeutics


via or by irregular regularity OR regular irregularity OR irregularity/regularity in a reverse branched pipe?



[1] qebrus = brusque = sudden = plötzlich

[2] autopoiesis = operation closure = free will = autonomy = selfcreation = création de soi = Selbsterstellung

[3] aperiodicity

[4] via or by


[5] topology

Looking at a topological visualization of a dataset is like looking at the circuit diagram of holiday lights. We intentionally ignore the spatial features, the giant lengths and short distances between points, and instead focus on only the connectivity of the data. We ask what is connected, what is separate, where are the gaps. This gives us new information to answer tough questions”.

[6] self-attention transformer

(attention and memory, multivariate calculus, partial derivatives and gradient vectors, Jacobian)


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