281221 – Conceptual engineering 3

… I play the composer.

The kindhearted smile of the mathematician encouraged me. I didn’t feel dizzy from the vast amount of pages (Linearna Algebra a Geometria, Linear Algebra, Linear Algebra, Linear Algebra, Matrix Cookbook, Calculus, Advanced calculus, Vector/Matrix calculus, etc.) anymore. Instead, a strategic plan began to draw in my head – “first learning to train and use neural networks in practice and then study the underlying math. The math will be much more understandable with the context in place… Besides, it’s not necessary to grok all this calculus to become an effective practitioner…There aren’t dozens of new rules to learn; just a couple of key concepts“.

And that’s why I am putting on my headphones and play new Biosphere (a composer who cannot compose in other than the invisible shortwave multifactorial range. Don’t you believe so? Let’s play his few other songs). I think they are related with my strategic plan of

(1) Matrix multiplication

(2) The Matrix Calculus You Need For Deep Learning

“to improve my knowledge of transformations, which preserve the structure in question (i.e. its symmetries), to significantly clarify and simplify its description(dimensionality reduction).

[in http://thales.doa.fmph.uniba.sk/zlatos/la/LAG_A4.pdf, p. 591]

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